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Oct 6, 2020
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Victoria, BC, Canada
Howdy y'all how's things going? Hope you are all healthy, wealthy and wise...lol.

I am looking for advice/in-put for what I should use for tail pipe tips on my Fury. The list is down to three and I like them all...just can't decide which one...

Machine-gun tips, yes I know they are early 70's B-Body but the red would look good with the paint, I think.

Rectangular shape, like a Dodge style,

Oval for the Plymouth look...

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.



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Yes the MG tips will make the *** of that car pop, but Plymouth ovals fit the overall look of the car and be correct and very clean an mean looking. Shine that bumper up too man what up! IM JUST KIDDING MAIN SHE AH CREAM PUFF. Beautiful SF love the color either tips will look great, especially when you get it back, put them on yourself, or put gas in her your going to look at those tips an say yeah to yourself.
If it were me, which in a while it will be, I like the factory tail pipes. I was going to get my muffler shop to bend pipe to that shape. I never did like it when the exhaust came straight back and ended at the bumper. I f you ran a little rich it would blacken the bumper and sometimes be extremely hard to clean.
I've always liked the oval Plymouth B-Body tips, so that's my choice.

The "machine gun" tips would look too "busy" and not complement the rear of the car. Keep it clean looking so not to take away from the rear styling.