For Sale Factory Cast Iron 1959-60 383 RAISED BLOCK 2bbl. Intake Manifold #1851899

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Nov 14, 2015
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This is a second intake that i am now putting up for sale.
My other one sold, pretty quickly.
If you missed out on the other one, you now have another chance.

I have this factory, cast iron, 2bbl. intake manifold that is used on the 1959-1960 383 RAISED BLOCK engine, that was used in the Chrysler Windsor, and Saratoga, line of cars, back in the dinosaur days.
Casting number 1851899
Casting date 6.17.9

Even fits the 413, 426 Wedge, 440 engines if you would ever want to use it on one of them.
Back in the old days i used to sell these manifold to guys that dirt track raced that had a class that only factory manifolds could be used with a 2bbl. on the engines.
So guys would sorta, kinda, (cheat) by putting these manifolds on 413 and 440 engines, that never came with a 2bbl.

I will sell this manifold for $75.00.
I think that is a fair, decent, price for it being cleaned up, and painted.

This manifold is pretty heavy, so expect to be paying a good amount to UPS it out to your zip code, from me here in California.
I use a discount shipping company thru the UPS people, so i don't think it will break your piggy bank.
I will need your zip code to give you a quote.
But probably easily expect a 30 + dollar quote.
And NO, this DOES NOT fit in any kind of USPS flat rate box, so i don't need anybody out there in the peanut gallery commenting on that shipping method.

Payment, i accept Pay Pal.
Family or friends, no fee, or if by goods and services, their fees will be added onto the total.
Your choice on how you want to pay me. Up to you.

Any questions, no "comments" please in my ad, serious buyers send me a message, thru this forum, and i will get back with you.
Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

1959 60 RB 383 2bbl. Intake 001 (Small).JPG

1959 60 RB 383 2bbl. Intake 002 (Small).JPG

1959 60 RB 383 2bbl. Intake 003 (Small).JPG

1959 60 RB 383 2bbl. Intake 004 (Small).JPG
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