SOLD FEDERAL Power Steering Pump With Reservoir. Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth.

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    Nov 14, 2015
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    This is a FEDERAL power steering pump, with reservoir, that is used on Mopar big block, and small block, engines used with the respective mounting bracket(s) for the engine application.

    I was told when i purchased this pump, it came off a 71 big block, and was a replacement, rebuilt unit.
    But i cannot verify that provenance.
    I have no clew on how long it may have been in service, before i got a hold of it.
    Before i cleaned it up, it didn't show any leaks out of the shaft seal, or reservoir body.
    But i am selling it AS IS condition from my description, to the best of my ability.
    I'd feel comfortable in telling you to use it in the condition that it's in.

    Selling at $60.00, and $15.00 for the mailman, in one of their flat rate box's.

    Payment will be thru Pay Pal.

    Interested?? Send me a pm thru this forum.
    Thank's a lot.
    Jim V.

    FEDERAL PS Pump 001 (Small).JPG

    FEDERAL PS Pump 002 (Small).JPG

    FEDERAL PS Pump 003 (Small).JPG

    FEDERAL PS Pump 004 (Small).JPG

    FEDERAL PS Pump 005 (Small).JPG

    FEDERAL PS Pump 007 (Small).JPG
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