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    Cruising CL... odd to see so many available in the same area...
    1974 TRAVCO MOTORHOME - $1500
    TAKE IT AWAY!!READY TO RESTORE! I HAVE A 27' 1974 TRAVCO THAT I WAS GOING TO REDO . IT HAS ICE COLD AIR. I PUT A STARTER IN AND PAID SOMEONE TO GET IT RUNNING AGAIN BUT HE SEEMS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED. IT HAS THE DODGE 440 ENGINE WHICH IS WORTH THE MONEY I'M ASKING BUT MY WIFE WANTS IT GONE NOW. TO MANY PROJECTS. 01616_a1bROVQHwVL_600x450.jpg 00k0k_KFlI1zPQri_600x450.jpg 00P0P_1Fl8c0Nk0YH_600x450.jpg 00505_cgF8DFSHt6T_600x450.jpg 00e0e_4vFMMnAYDfu_600x450.jpg 00Y0Y_7SFz4xVvrhj_600x450.jpg 00d0d_ljd61uvFATL_600x450.jpg 00A0A_bppEm1GdpBP_600x450.jpg
    Antique Travco Dodge Motorhome Shell 1977
    Antique Travco Dodge Motorhome Shell 1977 - $600
    Antique Travco Dodge Motorhome Shell
    Nothing in the Inside
    Fiberglass body
    Has a poly motor and transmission. Motor is not turning over.
    Has been sitting for at least 10 years.
    would make a cute restore or good for parts
    00h0h_6pWdvY6Sbuj_600x450.jpg 00R0R_6TdHvzVVL6L_600x450.jpg
    1974 Travcos

    1974 Travcos - $300

    one - 24 ft Travco motor home Also, one 28 ft Travco (for parts) $300 each - good for a DIY project. Can be seen at 603 N Beach St Daytona Beach.
    Vintage RV Bumper Continental Kit for Coach / Fits Travco & Others
    Great piece for vintage RV or large truck. I acquired this on a trip to North Dakota some time ago. It's 7' wide and approximately 3' tall at center of bumper. Two nice compartments are built into each end. Very well-built and nice addition to a vintage RV.

    Made from aluminum diamond / tread plate, it's got a great look that no one else will have. I've found similar front bumpers on vintage RV's - see photos for comparison. It would be quite a sight to have both a front and rear bumper on your cool RV. 00e0e_lMIFjUdO7P6_1200x900.jpg 00C0C_dWUQLdmxX1s_1200x900.jpg 01515_hKU72D1iISC_1200x900.jpg 00606_3kB0VzPqDKR_1200x900.jpg 00T0T_jBjLHd6dbwh_1200x900.jpg
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    These are cool for sure.
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