Finally fixed power steering belt squeal


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Jan 22, 2014
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Pittsgrove, NJ
Wanted to share details of how I fixed my belt squeal on my '68 300 440. The squeak started when I decided to replace the crank pulley which was pretty bent and had a lot of wobble. It was also a three valley pulley which didn't make sense being a Non-AC car so I decided to replace it with a 2v instead of trying to bend it back into shape.

After replacing the pulley with a new one from 440Source, the Power Steering belt squeal started. First I replaced the belt. No luck. Then I thought it was related to the PS pump bracket being bent and missing the rubber stopper and since the pump was run dry a few times I decided to replace it with a Borgeson pump from Jegs, which fit very well. Still, a terrible squeal under load.

A closer inspection of the pulleys and belts led me to realize that while the new pulley lined up perfectly with the alternator, it was protruding about 3/8 of an inch further out than the outer water pump pulley and PS pump pulley, more than I wanted to deal with trying to shim the PS pump and Water pump pulley.

My last ditch effort was to replace the 2v water pump pulley with a 1v water pump pulley from 440source. This did require a shorter belt for the PS pump but it did fix the alignment issue and now the pulleys are all square as intended.

So my setup now is as follows, with no more squealing PS belt:

GM 1-wire alternator with the original mounting brackets
440Source 2v crank pulley
440Source 1v water pump pulley
Borgeson PS Pump from Jegs
Shorter PS Pump belt, Duralast #15435 (Their computer said it should be #17435 (43.62" @0.53" wide) but they didn't have it in stock. The #15435 is a little narrower (43.65" @ 0.41" wide) which may become a problem but time will tell).

The older posts on this site helped me determine the pulley alignment issue and fix it. Thanks to everyone here who contributes, hopefully this post will be informative for anyone else who may be fighting a squeaky belt! :thumbsup: