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Mopar Mechanical Parts For Sale

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  1. Bruzilla

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    Aug 14, 2015
    Orange Park, FL
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    I REALLY need to get a bunch of stuff out of my garage, so these parts are FREE to anyone who wants to drive their beehinds to my house and snag them. No, I'm not going to ship anything, so sorry to my out-of-state friends.

    1. Big block 727 transmission, needs rebuilt. Rebuild it or use the tail shaft to convert an RV 727 to a car transmission.
    2. 8.25 rear end for a 71-74 B body, drum to drum, open differential, I believe they are 2.76 gears. Great condition, just removed when I upgraded to an 8.75.
    3. Complete tail light assembly from a 73 Town & Country station wagon.
    4. Tail gate glass from a 73 Town & Country station wagon.
    5. Rear air deflector from a 73 Town & Country station wagon.
    6. Heavy duty transmission fluid cooler from a 73 Town & Country station wagon.
    7. Steel radiator from a 73 Town & Country station wagon. Can't find a Mopar number on it, so I'm guessing it's a replacement. Also have a fan shroud, but it has a piece broken off.
    8. Backing plates and drums from an E body 8.75 rear.
    9. 1973 440 valve covers, blue.
    10. 1973 C body 440 air cleaner, single snorkel, black.
    11. Seven-bladed clutch fan and clutch, off a 73 318.
    12. Fuel tank for a 74/75 B body. Needs to be cleaned out and a tiny pin hole fixed, but better than paying $300+ for a new one.
    13. Sail panel covers, black, plastic, for 71-74 Chargers with the curved front to the sail panel (I can never remember which cars have this).
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  2. polara71

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    Nov 16, 2010
    New Jersey
  3. cantflip

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    Nov 1, 2015
    Orlando, FL
    Thank you, it was great to meet you and I love the RR... DVE sticker will be going onto the pop up camper (back to PA in the summer).

    FYI, those interested in the stuff, much of this will be in the swap at Carlisle 2018... I'm already set for the sewer space next to @bluefury361 and will be very happy to sell out fast.:)
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