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    Jul 11, 2018
    From an Allpar page:

    In the Chrysler Design Office (then called Styling Staff), there were “brand” studios: Plymouth Exterior Studio, Dodge Exterior Studio, and a Chrysler and Imperial Exterior Studio. Each was locked, and only the people who belonged in there had a key.
    “Brand” studios fell by the wayside in the early to mid ’70s, yielding to “body size” studios meaning, for example, Plymouth Satellites and Dodge Coronets were designed by people in the same studio, ditto for the ’75 Cordoba and Charger.

    But what was the sitation when the Formals were being designed? In the Jeffrey Godshall articles in Collectible Automobile on Formal Chryslers and Plymouths it seems as if both types of studios existed side-by-side. He mentions the Chrysler/Imperial Exterior Studio, the Plymouth Exterior Studio, the Large Car Studio and the Intermediate Car Studio.

    So with special reference to Plymouth and Dodge C-bodies, how was the work-flow organised in this period, say 1972-1973? From a little distance they bear so much resemblance, that it is hard to believe they were designed in two separate, restricted-access studios.
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    Mar 27, 2011
    By the 1972 time frame, there were possibly some "financial issues" known to be on the horizon, so cost savings was necessary. More cars using the same basic parts, using front end caps, rear end caps, exterior trim, interior trim, and such to differentiate the cars. Dodge from Plymouth, especially. Hence, the "large car" and "intermediate car" studios, which would allow for designers to talk to each other, side by side, as needed.

    In some cases, it was not unusual for each studio to have competing teams to design/style future vehicles, for consideration of management. But by the time the proposals were decided upon, then everybody was on "the same team" again, I suspect. "Production" and "Engineering" groups would then become involved as the concepts became reality.

    Just some thoughts,