FURYIOUS update: 7/22/21

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    Apr 8, 2012
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    D1AEBE44-2C93-4051-A4B3-A4790F7DDB94.jpeg 3E2EDE40-2894-4D19-AA97-9E7FE94025E9.jpeg 34D90620-CEA9-40BC-99D6-E7E6097083C9.jpeg WOW what a couple months it’s been since the last update. Ok FINALLY got the radiator situation solved & FURYIOUS runs cool & leaner now with less weight from the lighter radiator. Switched out the carburetor to a Holley 750 DP & seemed to be ok but battling a fuel leak. Think I have that fixed. So finally started on the cars body & it’s a disaster. Bondo a 1/4 thick in the quarter panels. What in the world ? Rusted out holes full of old tired bondo. I expected rust. I mean I can see the bubbles in the usual places, but to bathe the damn quarter in bondo a 1/4 thick. So I was planing on painting the car , but I think now I’m just going to rebondo the bubbles. Make it look as good as I can. Spray it back yellow & just race it like that the rest of the year. I’ll work on another race car body I have here that Wollfen has already done some work on this winter & if I get it finished in time I’ll run it next season & park FURYIOUS till I decide what to do with it it. FURYIOUS has a lot of good high quality & fairly new, hardly used race parts on it. It needs quarter skins put D1AEBE44-2C93-4051-A4B3-A4790F7DDB94.jpeg 3E2EDE40-2894-4D19-AA97-9E7FE94025E9.jpeg 34D90620-CEA9-40BC-99D6-E7E6097083C9.jpeg on it. So I’ll run it till the next car is ready is the plan. Now before the carb swap I did take it out once more. It ran the quickest yet at 8.32 with me easing off the line due to a massive carb bog. 60 foot off a tenth so it’s a 8-teen car. I also bought a 4:10 gear with a spool to replace the 3:73 sure grip & that should knock the ET down some more.
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