FURYIOUS went to a 1/4 mile track...

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    Apr 8, 2012
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    5DFC357B-46CA-4AF4-9D35-5DA2A73AC620.jpeg 7016ECFD-C2E9-4F7D-97F8-87A4EFFD0593.jpeg I decided to take FURYIOUS up to the final saturday test & tune at Virginia Motorsports Park. The weather was cold & thearting rain. After about a two hour delay I finally made a pass. They had been dragging the track trying to get heat in it. 52 degrees with a wind chill of 45. First pass & it spun badly & kicked sideways I stayed in it hitting each shift. Clicked off a 12.709 quarter @ 105 MPH & a 8.07 eighth mile. Although significantly better than its ever run I was a bit disappointed. I don’t have enough passes on this combination but I think the spinning hurt the 60 foot .08 which hurt the quarter by at least .12 which would have put it in the high 12.50’s. Came back for round two. waited out a 10 minute drizzle. Felt it was getting colder. Concerned the track might call it. A lot of cars having trouble getting hooked up. As I went to stage the starter suddenly stepped in front of the car & motioned for me to shut down. He then opened the pass door & said your putting water on the track. WHAT I can’t believe that. FURYIOUS doesn’t leak nothing. They pushed me off the starting line to the pit access road. I fired the car up quite frankly embarrassed that they had to stop & clean up my spill. I hated that. I drove back to my pit with a steady eye on the temp gauge & it never moved so I’m thinking it’s a minor leak & hopefully I can fix it & go back to the staging lanes. Well when I looked under the car there was a steady stream dripping from behind the oil pump area. With the pump, headers & steering box I just couldn’t tell. I think it’s a freeze plug that’s failed. FURYIOUS is back in my shop now & I haven’t had time to look at it. Hopefully tomorrow. Looks like my season is over. If one plug failed the others could be bad. Looking at buying an engine from another racer I know well. He wants to finish his Indy motor so he made me a good deal on his current engine. So likely the 400 will come out & a steel crank 440 going in. And a new set of Hooker headers & a mini starter. So there is the latest
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    Jan 19, 2013
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    Good job Bob, I wish my 400 would run a sub 2.0, 60" then my car would be a solid 13.80s as it rolls down the street
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