Giving New Life To An LL1 Dark Turquoise 1967 Plymouth VIP, A True Garage Find.....


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Mar 8, 2019
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I first and foremost before I even start this post/thread would like to thank a long time good friend of my stepdads, and forum member @a67furyman for giving us the opportunity to buy this car. I also would like to thank my stepdads other friend who he has known since college, for helping get this car with his car trailer as we do not have one. My stepdad sold his other '67 VIP 4-door hardtop project to get this car. Member @FURYGT can add more to the story if he so desires, as his former red '68 VIP was stored at the same garage our new '67 VIP was. @a67furyman can add more to the story if he desires to as well. This car is the newest Fury added to my stepdads collection, more information below.....

The Car- The car is a 1967 Plymouth VIP in LL1 Dark Turquoise Poly with a "G" code 383 2bbl engine, a black vinyl top and black interior. It was built October 11th 1966 (A11 on fender tag) at the Belvidere IL plant. The car came with a front bumperette strip but not a rear, and rear speaker. This car (at least in my honest opinion) is believed to be a survivor car as it has the original dealer sticker, the paint could use a polishing, and the car has some side scrapes.

The History- The cars history is actually quite unique. The car was originally bought brand new by Mr. and Mrs. Mucciolo out of Miller Place NY on November 9th 1966, for $3,425.26 from Bellerose Plymouth in Bellerose NY. A 1960 Ford Thunderbird was traded in for the car. We have the original sales receipt and check, we also have original inspection receipts, and a few shop receipts which are in the pictures posted here. The car has exchanged hands three times since the original owners; once in 1991 a fellow named Mr. Donovan owned it, once in 2001 where a fellow named Mr. Fusco owned it, and then our good friend in 2004 until my stepdad got it last year in 2021. Our good friend bought the car and stored it in the garage since he bought it in 2004.

The Plan- The plan which may or may not change is to obviously get it running and back on the road, change the front bumper out for a good used one or NOS one, MAYBE add a right hand outside mirror at some point, paint the engine like in the "Pumpkin" our 1970 Fury III 4-door hardtop, try to find a replacement 2bbl carburetor but if we cannot find one put a 4bbl intake and high performance manifolds on with a dual snorkel air cleaner, clean the moldy interior, put tilt-a-scope or tilt-tele steering from our Sport Fury convertible in, drop the gas tank and se if it can get rebuilt but 95% likely get a replacement as it doesn't smell so good from old gas and is probably rotted inside, fix some rust in the back window, cut the trunk floor and replace it because there is some rot on the right side, rebuild the brakes and replace the original wheel covers with the turbine style wheel covers, add dual exhaust, and possibly try to put the car in the survivor tent display in Carlisle at some point.

My Personal Plan- My personal plan is to try and document everything that is done to the car and post it here when I can and have time to.

I hope you join us along for the ride in giving this unique VIP a new life and getting it back on the road again. Thank you for looking!

When first found below.....


university sticker.jpg
vip underneath 1.jpg
vip trunk.jpg
vip left rear tre.jpg
vip left side 1.jpg
vip left side 2.jpg
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I forgot to mention it is a 20 year garage find. More pictures of the car as found, the top looks brand new.....
vip top.jpg

vip stickers.jpg

vip front.jpg


The official rescue will happen soon, more to come.....
Same color of my ‘68 Road Runner.:thumbsup:
I love it and the Adelphi university parking sticker! Was sold not far from where I grew up!
I'm back with an update on the VIP. It's official, it's rescue time! When we first tried getting the car out of the garage, we left the old flat tires on and used a winch to see if the car would budge. Nothin', so we swapped 3 of the old tires because we could not get to the 4th tire because the car was against the wall for back up spare tires my stepdad brought. We tried pulling with the winch hooked to my stepdads pickup and it came out of the garage. We also moved some parts out of the way too.....
coming out of garage 2.jpg

It's official, it's out after 20 years!
Now that the car is officially out of the garage after 20 years, its time to load it to take it to its new home. At this point to load it we no longer need my stepdads truck, we can just push it to the trailer because the driveway goes downhill.....
vip on trailer.jpg

All loaded and ready to go to it's new home.....
Here is a picture of the old tires in the back of my stepdads pickup now that they are off the car and no longer needed.....
vip tires.jpg
Now that the car is home, we can go through all the significant and rare paperwork our friend gave us with the car including the original selling dealer booklet below.....
vip book 1.jpg
vip book 2.jpg

The original order form.....

Original sales receipt.....

Even original NY state inspection cards from the 1990's.....

Even a Midas muffler receipt.....
This is all I got on the car for now, thank you all for looking!

Since we got it home it has been sitting because we have so many other projects. It will most likely start getting worked on sometime this year if not next year, long story short it will be awhile before it is on the road again. More to come, stay tuned.....
Should be a great car when cleaned up and going again. Some of those old Chrysler acrylic enamel colors come back to life really nice, too!

Great find Eric! It fell into the right hands… Congratulations and can’t wait to see it!
What an incredible car - love everything about it from the black vinyl sport roof, the turquoise color, the 383-4 engine and a VIP no less. What a stunning find! You really scored. :thumbsup: