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Sep 8, 2022
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Couldn't help but join after reading a few posts, this may be the last place on the internet where people still know what they're talking about, about things that matter, like old Mopar iron, with points.

I don't have any C bodies, but I have in the past, an impressive list, oddities like '63 Chrysler Newport (x2, the 1st was stolen) 4dr 361/3sp stick on the floor, power steering, power brake, A/C & radio delete cars.

Currently have a fleet of Dodge trucks, by age; '63 D300 "Tex" flatbed working farm truck LA318 that used to run on propane, '64 D100 "Irene" I'm working on that led me here, I've had it since '05 and now getting a bug to make it drivable, Wideblock 318/4sp, '64 D200 "Jo Ann" w/Miller Bobcat 225NT and Emglo 17CFM Honda powered compressor in back, 318 Wideblock/4sp, dual exhaust, gas drained from tank a couple years ago, '66 D200 "Scheisswagen" taken out of service years ago, 360/4sp, '68 Dodge M300 chassis Explorer 21' Motor Home, hasn't run since '02, 318/727, old man put a Edelbrock intake/carb/Moroso air cleaner/dual exhaust just before he died, his wife used it to pull a horse trailer, may run again, '69 D200 Adventurer "Tommy Boy" with '68 Bell Coach 10' camper, 318/727, current midlife crisis vehicle, '70 E20 "Jason" (special Govt issue W200) ex Fish & Game Dept truck, Braden PTO winch (rebuilt) 383/4sp factory cab/chassis Fish & Game built flatbed, currently a brush truck with 200 gallon tank, Honda WX20 pump and hoses, fire tools, '70 E30 "JB" (Special Govt issue W300) Wonton Doolie w/ Dana 70 axles w/ WWII era Tracta Joint in front, 318/sp, 10' ex railroad utility box/canopy, has 8'6" Western Isarmatic plow on it, been plowing with this since 2010 but the climate has changed so much I plow once or twice a winter now.

Also a '74 IHC stepvan 345/4sp I use as an office/wharehouse, it's a runner with brand new Michelins and roof AC, has had gas drained out of it for years.

All the truck still have points, I don't believe in anything else, or just know better. I find old Mallory sets and install them, they will last me til eternity.

My Adventurer has a '66 C body 384/AC radiator, that's a story in itself spanning a couple years.

Pic is of Tex getting a load of straw with trailer, helper on load trying to get better signal...


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Mar 30, 2013
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Welcome! I had seen a few replies of yours and hadn't recognized the name before (and I just stumbled across this thread).

Cool to see one of your trucks actually working, and working a bit of a load, too!

You are in Scablands in Wash state? Looks like an interesting terrain. (I'm not familiar, I merely googled it)