Happy 4th 2022


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May 16, 2018
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Centerville, South Dakota
Happy Independence Day!

We still live in the most wonderful country on the planet!

Today, I am attending a family reunion at my Uncle and Aunt’s house (my mom’s youngest brother and his wife) and we expect about 50-75 people to attend.

As such, I am going over to their house this morning to help set up.
But before that, I woke up at 4am and got my bbq/smoker started at 225 degrees F and set 14-1/2 pounds of brisket in.

I am using a Cyber-Q WiFi controller that I have the cook temperature set to 225 (picture #2 is while it’s on its way) and the meat thermometers set to 150 degrees (I will raise the set point to 190 later) that I have used many times (the last time I cooked brisket was in 2018, hosting a family reunion the first 4th after I retired and moved to South Dakota).

It’s got buttrub, some salt and pepper on it and I have a water bath underneath it on the ceramic plates.
Tomorrow, I will bring Shamu to a car show here.
Of course, I have to go stock up on fireworks today while the brisket is turning into yumminess.