Have Chrysler will Travel !!


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Dec 1, 2014
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The County
I was planning on posting this before I left on a 2100 mile ish road trip, but that didn’t happen.
So a recap of the prep for the trip and the trip.

Prep for the trip consisted of replacing the front brake shoes ✅
Repacking front bearing❎
Checking one rear brake✅
Rotate tires❎ All worn about the same due to crappy alignment too much camber rears haven’t evened out after last rotation.
Check oil level✅
Check coolant in the overflow jug✅
Check transmission and P/S fluid levels❎ Not leaking on the shop floor must still be full.
Load car with way too much stuff✅
Air up tires to 35psi and air up the shocks to level car.✅
Throw a few tools, spare fuel and water pump in trunk✅

The road trip took about 36 hours of driving through 11 states.
Lowest gas price $3.85 Highest gas price $4.93 for 87 octane
Lots of thumbs up even one from a guy driving a Tesla.
Glad I saw a lot of EVs one the road, used up ALL their carbon credits!
She’s a smooth ride but a heavy drinker!!
Used Zero oil.
Issues ZERO not bad for a 57 year old car.

Summary check oil in the morning, fill with fuel, drive about 200 miles stop fill with fuel repeat.
Did check mileage one time about 14ish mpg for those who are asking the question in their heads.

She, the car, is now in its new home. The county! We’ve been in the process of moving back to my home town.