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Johnny Mac

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Sep 28, 2016
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Hello all, Just wanted to say hello on the official BluePrint Engines forum!

We're here to support the forum with mopar crate engines, mopar engine parts, and happy to answer any questions.

Please check out our website for what we have to offer, and we look forward to posting more threads with direct links to our products.

Also Our Projects Director @Johnny Mac is an active member of the forum, and in the mopar community, and happy to help with sales, tech, product selection, etc!

A little bit about BluePrint Engines. We're a performance engine builder and re seller. We are not a reman type rebuilder. Every engine we sell is dyno tested and comes with a 50K mile, 30 month warranty. Even our long block (CT) engines, that come without intakes. When looking at an engine like our chrysler 408, we have a multi point inspection for block selection, since we are utilizing a seasoned block. From this point on, there is very little re-used content that will ever be used in our finished product. The entire rotating assembly, bearings, etc etc are all new components. Being a stroker engine, with aftermarket aluminum heads, not much beyond the block and main caps can be re-used. So you're truly getting a basically new engine, with a seasoned block. Also much of our content is machined right at our facility in Nebraska.

As far as the lengths we go to check our parts, assembly process, and finished product are reliable and worry free, I already mentioned the Dyno testing on every engine, and the 50k mile 30 month warranty. Beyond that we wash down parts and perform sediment tests, we test oil and analyze oil filters post dyno, and measure multiple parameters during testing, all to ensure you get a great engine, that will perform as promised.

thanks all!
  1. Quick Q and A from the FABO forum

    Every engine we offer has a VERY extensive BOM (Build of materials) where bearing tolerances, cam degree specs, torque specs, etc are noted.
    This information is all recorded and kept for our records. We will give this information to a customer if they request it.

    Q: Do we degree cams on our performance engines?
    A: Yes, we degree the camshafts to spec on our engines.

    Q: Do we check bearing clearances?
    A: Yes. every BOM has bearing clearances that must be met. Since we're doing everything in house there is less initial deviance when we control that part of assembly. Our facility is brand new, and we have CNC, laser measuring, and of course the manual measuring you have mentioned (both mics and plastigage) . We don't just throw them together...these are checked meticulously with everything from mics, to laser scanning in QC.

    Q: Do we check valve and piston clearance?
    A: Of course. Lets remember. These engines are designed to be streetable, reliable, and provide the best longevity and horsepower per dollar in the business. We would never produce an engine on the "outer limits" of piston to valve tolerances.

    We're a company that cares about our customers, and provide a reliable performance engine we stand behind. I'm going to post a short video below with our facility shown. We're capable of punching out 50 engines a day. Let that ease the mind that these BOM's are long thought, and designed for longevity #1.

    And above all, Yes we literally dyno test every engine we build. even the ones that are sold w/o intakes. If it has heads and an oil pan, it gets a full comprehensive dyno test. Not just a run session, but actual dyno pulls measuring temp on all 8 cylinders, using UV dye in oil to check with tiny leaks, etc, etc.

    Lastly, we're trusted by Jegs, Summit, Speedway, and more.
  2. Always here to help. A few Quick links...
    Here are links to our parts categories. As we improve the website, the individual parts will also be linked as "add ons" to the engines they will work on.
    this list is growing, so keep an eye out!!!

    Ignition Coils
    Ignition Boxes
    Air Cleaners
    Electric Fuel Pumps
    Mechanical Fuel Pumps
    Fuel Pressure Regulators

    I'll drop this link, which is the "mopar" specific distributors

Do you have anything Mopar besides a small block?

Most people on this forum have Mopar B and RB engines....
Do you have anything Mopar besides a small block?

Most people on this forum have Mopar B and RB engines....
We have talked in the past oldmanwithahat, I have a bunch of ignition and fuel options for b/RB. i did have RB engines, but cores have put them out for the time being. we're a forum sponsor on FABO and FBBO, so didn't want to leave you guys out.
Doesn't appear they do, I did see two big block GM shortblocks available, nothing for Mopar.
Doesn't appear they do, I did see two big block GM shortblocks available, nothing for Mopar.
As stated above, I have plenty of fuel and ignition parts for RB, and B. I was a forum sponsor on here before with a nice 493 option, but unfortunately between core availability, and lack or sales, they are on a hiatus, keep us in mind for igniton and fuel options like distributors. we have some things coming down the pipe for mopar besides our current SB offerings. stay tuned
Welcome to the site from the Motor City!
Glad Your here. It's always nice to see vendors that remember the C-Body community. I'm hoping that you could get some bites from being here, but without a Big Block Mopar offering you might not.
:welcome: we appreciate the sponsors... We are also always looking for stuff to keep these big girls moving... I hope you don't get beat up too much for trying.
I have a Blueprint 383 in an old 69 Chevy truck, 405 HP SFT cam, runs sweet. For $4999 carb to pan, it probably wasn't the cheapest way to go, but no problems. It isn't driven easy.
Circa 2013
Do you build any V8 magnum engines. Just looking for more power for my 99 ram 1500.