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Jun 4, 2024
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Puerto Rico
Hello everyone,

I just stumbled upon this form looking for information about my great-grandfathers car. From what little knowledge I have about the car it used to be a police interceptor in Puerto Rico before my great-grandfather owned it apparently he used to own a mint condition Ford model A back in the day and one of the Ford dealers on the island traded him this Plymouth as shown below. The poor girl has been sitting in his old shop since he passed (trust me that was a shop at one point hurricanes on the island are no joke) apparently from stories I heard he used to be a big tuner back in the day. Other than that I know very little of it and thought I should share it on the forums to see if maybe its a unicorn or something.

Looking forward from hearing from everyone!

image_123650291 (1).JPG

Thank you for the response currently I'm deployed in the middle east so I wont be able to get the VIN at the moment these were just some pictures my mom sent me to prove the car even existed lol. But I will go ahead and see if there's a family member who lives on the island that can possible get the VIN for me.
Welcome @Juanissimo -- thank you for sharing the story. We might be able to tell something about the car if we had the VIN and, ideally, the fender tag. Can you open the hood of the car?

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