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The Rum Cove

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Dec 29, 2022
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Charlottesville Virginia
Hi there C bodyers! I am the Rum Cove (I'm a radio jock and this is my on air handle so...) and I am an long time English immigrant who has owned/restored his way through many, many Mopar products. I currently own two very rare Chrysler UK imports. One, a 1969 Sunbeam Alpine coupe with an incredible 4800 original miles on it. The other, a 1972 Plymouth Cricket, undergoing a restoration and one of what I believe to be about five roadworthy examples in the US. But I also love (and have owned to 1970 examples) 71/72 Plymouth Fury 2 dr htps and I hope to find a nice one here. I hope I have good luck!

Regards, Robin aka The Rum Cove@ WTJU FM