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Sep 17, 2011
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We are a full service carb shop in Youngstown Ohio. Owned and operated by a lifelong Mopar enthusiast and longtime drag racer, we are proud to offer services of Performance, Restoration, and Rebuild in Auto, Marine, and Industrial. We are also having great success in E85 conversions. We are working hard and will continue to work hard to be your one stop shop for all your carburetor needs. Customer satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Thank you.

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Curious, you implying that out C-bodies, can be adapted to run on E 85. If so please enumerate the process and benifits. Welcome
There are pros and cons of course. I’ve found when talking with customers that the gasoline to E85 price difference varies greatly throughout the country. E85 offers a very noticeable improvement in low end torque. The last carb that I had on my own daily driver dropped my fuel mileage from 19 mpg to just under 15 mpg. The biggest drawback that I see for the Cbody crowd is fuel delivery, as I do not know of a production 3/8 sending unit yet. 5/16 with a big block and any rpm will not supply enough fuel. The tuneup will vary slightly for optimal performance.
Pump e85 can vary from e50 to e85 as I understand, different than buying at the track. How do you tune a street car for e85?
For instance, I’ve noticed in testing that E85 responds well to a little more timing, smaller gap, and hotter spark. This is a general statement for our production cbodies with dinosaur combustion chambers and stock ignition systems.
I have had some carbs done by Dana and they came back
ready to go and looking almost new....
One was even a ThermoQuad.. Dropped that puppy on the
motor fired right up with no issues....
My '67 Imppy 4dr was done by Dana as well..... *perfect*

I just had one done by Woodruff too and although I’ve been taking my time(winter) reinstalling it and firing it up there’s no doubt in my mind that I will be pleased. His reputation precedes him.:thumbsup:
I also asked him to go easy on the cosmetics on it to match the rest of the engine room and he nailed it.:usflag:
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Howdy! Glad to see you back here.
As most of the focus might be on E85 (which can vary in alcohol content, unless you buy it in race gas drums), but it seems that E15 is a growing product for most people. Other than the normal metallic issues with fuel lines and such, what has been your observation about going as deep as E15 in alcohol content, in general?

My first thought when it came into my area was, “your telling me they buried extra tanks and put in extra pumps for an extra 5%???” as pump gas now is 10%. I haven’t chemically tested E15 yet, but I suspect either a different chemical makeup or it will eventually say “ may contain up to 25% ethanol”. That being said, no one had come into the shop saying they want to run it, so I haven’t fooled with it.
x2 for Woodruff.

Dave did the carb on my GT and it came out beautiful.
Dave did a great job on modifying my old double pumper to be more racey and tunable. I have no before and after to repost because of my new phone.