I cut out this rusty trunk! ‘68 New Yorker

Gerald Morris

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Mar 9, 2016
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++XLNT work on that trunk! I was pleasantly surprised to see that some good soul replaced a pan and repaired others in the trunk of our 1968 Newport ragtop, which came out decent, but I see your work exceeds that in quality. I plan to have ALL the bottom sheetmetal double coated before I drive that car East of the Pecos, especially after seeing how horribly eroded some key portions of the frame in our deceased '66 are after peeling away some cosmetic work there. Given the look of the damage, I suspect this occurred long ago, while the car rolled down the roads of Hoosierland, the State it originally was titled in. I thank God I found one that made it out here by 1977!

I commend your work in reviving another working artifact of the Lost Golden Age of Detroit Iron. Folk of the barrios I abide in LOVE seeing such rolling down the streets here. Having replaced the rear springs in mine last weekend, it now rolls SAFELY on these cratered paths too! Be sure to check out Springs n Things when you're ready to give yours a "butt-lift" as the Babushka calls it.