Imperial Drag car


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Apr 3, 2013
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Not an Imperial but this one has been beating up the competition since it was new. It still has the original leather upholstery.



Those are tow cars for the dragsters.

Make a run, the Imperial (and the Dodge) run down the track after and toss out the tow strap to bring the dragster into the pits. They doubled as tow cars for the lightweight dragster trailers that a car like that would have back then.
Yep and those wedge motors can pull a house.
It looks like the writing on the windshield of the Dodge might be for strip time. I can see if there's any writing on the Imperial.
It looks like the writing on the windshield of the Dodge might be for strip time. I can see if there's any writing on the Imperial.
They put the car number and class on the tow car so the tower knew who was with who.

My local track always made sure that happened.
Why does it have slicks on the back ?
I don't think those are slicks.

If you still believe the Imperial and the Dodge are there to drag, there's a few other things. First thing that stands out is the front wheel covers on the Imperial. No dragstrip lets you run with wheel covers or hub caps unless they are bolted on. Next, the windows are down.... and an arm is out on the Imperial. If you are going to race, you can't even leave the staging lanes with any windows down and it looks like the Dodge has all the windows down. The folks in the tower are watching for that stuff... and actually the person managing traffic onto the track is supposed to be looking for that too.

Generally speaking, the starter also would not let those cars be that close behind the dragster unless they were the tow cars. Some tracks will stack up the slower street cars, but usually the "hot" cars, cars with no cooling system etc. run by themselves with no waiting.
I was at the local strip a few years ago, when up rolled a '71 Imperial coupe, dark red with black interior, and for all appearances, bone-stock. He ripped off a 13.95 1/4-mile ET on his first pass! Pretty impressive for a 5,250# car, in my opinion! He ran twice more, cutting the same exact times. What was cool was the old guy running the car looked to be about 80 years old or so. He had an old Bell helmet, looked straight out of 1970. After his last run, he got his time slip and headed on home. Never did get to chat with the guy; and never saw he or his car again. It was just neat to see that.