Interchange panels (Dutchman, rear window corners, door skins) for 1969 Australian Dodge Phoenix 4DR Hardtop (same as Plymouth Fury VIP)


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Jun 23, 2022
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Hi FCBO'ers,

I'm hoping to see what options there are for Dutchman, rear window repairs and door skin/patch panels on a 1969 Australian Dodge Phoenix 4DR Hardtop. These are the same as the Plymouth Fury VIP with the concave window - P*43 fuselage.

From what I can see (or can't see!), there aren't any repro Dutchman panels, window corners or door repair patch panels available. If you know of any, please share :)

Whomever owned this prior to me has absolutely butchered the rear window lines with bog (/bondo) and the only thing I've got to go off of is the chrome moulding for the rear window, but it's still a guessing game, so I have a few questions that hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

1) For the rear chrome window mouldings, do these sit over the body outside of the window recess (e.g. 1/4 inch) or do they sit entirely in the window recess and flush with the body line? I'll purchase some moulding clips soon, which should confirm this in any case.

2) For the bottom corners of the window, are there any other models (or makes for that matter!) that can be retrofitted or is it best just to fabricate these? E.g. is it possible to use A, B or E-body window corners patch panel on the C-body? Has anyone tried this? I'm guessing the A-body is closest, but would still need some modification to fit properly.

3) Does anyone have the measurements for the Dutchman:
* between the trunk lid and bottom of the window at different spots (including the curvature)?
* exact length
* details of the roll up to the window? E.g. it looks relatively flat until 2-3 inches away from the bottom of the window and more of a roll than an A-body?

4) Does anyone have a NOS Dutchman or one in good condition that they are willing to part with/sell?

5) Has anyone tried modifying an A-body Dutchman to fit their C-body? From what I can see, would need some expansion welded in the middle both ways to get the length and width, as well as some reforming up to the window recess...

5) Besides rolling/forming these from fresh sheet metal, are there any options for door repair patch panels for the bottom section (below the lip/body line approx 10 1/2 inches from the bottom of the door)? Again, I couldn't find anything online :(

Thanks for your Mopar-wisdom :)




looks like the same back window as a 70 and 71 fury 4dr htop, so that will give you more years than just 69 to search for.
and im not sure if the the 2dr sedans/ gran coupes had the same back window as well ?


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Thanks @marko - yes, I was aware of some of those years and models, I'll check the others you've mentioned. Window is the same as a Fury III, although I'm not entirely sure about the dutchman...

I was trying to see if there are any repro panels from other bodies that can be modified to suit. The C-body panels for these years seem very difficult to come by!