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Sep 17, 2011
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Been in the works since march, finally closed the deal a month ago. Woodruff carburetor has been in business in Youngstown Ohio for aprox. 30 yrs. I stopped by to see the owner whom I've known for 20 yrs. He said due to health reasons he was selling out to a shop in Detroit. And that they would consume him, taking his assets and customers and Woodruff carb would be no more. So after a few days of consideration I drove back up and told him That I would like to buy it and carry on the name. So I've been in an apprenticeship since March, now I own it. He is still in the shop everyday (thank god) and things are rolling along. We do auto, marine, and industrial. Performance, Restoration, or rebuild. Here are some pics of some jobs last week.
imagejpeg_0 (1).jpg
imagejpeg_0 (2).jpg
20181109_161728 (1).jpg
20181106_152133 (1).jpg
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Really? What Town?
Great news. Let us know when you can give us prices on rebuilds.
A rebuild consists of Inspection, Chemical dip, high pressure hot rinse, new fasteners, custom mods for today's fuel (if needed), carb kit install, and test run and dial in on our 358 cu in test engine with trans break for testing under load. Assuming the carb is complete rebuilds prices are: 4bbl $175- 2bbl $150- 1bbl $125 plus the ride. There will be a 10% FCBO discount on those prices.
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What a great story. Congrats and all the very best to you!!
The carbs pictured are restorations with all replated linkage and recolor of the carburetor. Except for the Thermoquad. It was just a very clean rebuild
I'm pretty sure I bought a 390 Holley from him 25 years ago. Can't be that many carb shops in Youngstown.

Does his brother by chance collect very "new" old cars? When I was there he had a 76 Bill Blass Lincoln Continental with less than 20 miles on the odometer amongst others.

I met them when I was at a 2 day auction for a local collector where I bought a 59 Edsel wagon.

Yes, His brother passed on a couple years ago. There is at least one large garage chucked full of very "new" old cars.