Kick (kicker ?) Panel Insulation


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Jan 30, 2012
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I have a question for FCBO's best and brightest. Some background, then the question.

1. Background: My 1970 Chrysler 300 TNT 'vert has an M6XW black and white interior and, as such, has black kick panels. The first owner (who sold the car to me a year ago almost to the day) made the car his back in the day, by adding stereo equipment like a Motorola reverb and extra speakers -- including one each in the kick panels. I have decided to bring the car back to stock, and the extra speakers and reverb (as well as a Bel "remote eye" radar detector) will be heading to @71Polara383 for one of his cars. He gave me two kick panels in good condition, but for the first time (I probably don't get around enough) I've seen insulation material on one of them.

Here is what I though kick panels looked like -- plain plastic, as for example in these ads by @C Body Bob and @moparsteve :

2. Riddle: Here is what Wyatt's panels look like:

panel 1 (2894545 left-hand, the inside looks just like Bob's and Steve's):




panel 2 (RHS so it must be 2894544 -- but I can't see the P/N because of... this insulation material?!):




--> So see is my question: what is this insulation material, is it original (I think so, as in @moparsteve 's ad I can see some glued remains on the interior of one panel), and if so then where can I find some.

I would like to refurbish both panels with @david hill's help before we reinstall them in the TNT). @saforwardlook @MrMoparCHP and others who have restored fusies to perfection -- any suggestions?
The insulation is original and I believe DMT can provide new ones.
Yes that is OEM insulation, Detroit Muscle Technologies sells firewall insulation kits and kicker panel insulation is included in them just like Big_John said.
I recently got that insulation kit for my kick panels, haven't bothered to install it just yet.

Here's my driver's panel before I cleaned it up and refinished it with SEM saddle tan.