Killed a coil


Old Man with a Hat
Jan 22, 2012
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Pleasant Hill, CA
Not in the Polara as that has the HEI from years back that I showed here. Although when I had issues with the Pertronix II maybe it was the coil. I was out taking a drive in my Cougar before it got closed up in a garage with two cars behind it waiting on engines. Everything went fine for 17 miles until I turned around to head back and stopped at a light. At that point the car died. Well, of course, I am at a stop light and in the way. I need to get out, wait till cars cleared, and push mine back to the side. Refuses to start so I wait for AAA to come and bring me home. Two drivers stopped and asked if for sale??? I first think Pertronix II again but decide to test the coil by switching the Pertronix coil out. The car starts no problem. Now can coils, even a Flamethrower II coil, burn out from too much power. Car running just over 14 volts at coil + off the relay. If not mistaken that is 14.0V/0.6 ohms = 23.33 amps. now trying to decide how to handle. Put another back and see what happens a year later? Carry coils in the car? Carry points and coil in the car? Try to lower voltage at coil + to around 12? It is said Pertronix II needs 12V to function but as we know their instructions suck and there isn't any information on coils. Or, then again, the coil just decided to die that day?
Same exact thing happened to me. I was using HEI with a flame thrower coil. Would start after it cooled down a bit and I limped it home. I have since switched to an E-core coil.
Coils today pretty much suck and quite a few are made overseas.
Call them they are pretty good on replacing stuff.