LA V8, Later blocks, Timing Cover and Chain


Old Man with a Hat
Aug 8, 2014
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Richmond, VA
My 90 Dodge W150 truck has a 1992 LA block 5.9 L V-8 out of the B350 Dodge van. The engine has about 86000 miles, never rebuilt. The engine developed a leak along the right side of the timing chain cover, so anti-freeze was dripping on the concrete floor of my carport. Some observations about this last year of the LA block.

I was expecting that dreaded nylon toothed cam sprocket, but was surprised to find a metal cam sprocket instead. So if you have a 1992 V8, (LA block is only 5.9 in 1992, everything else had been converted to Magnum.) you may not have to worry about your cam sprocket disintegrating some time after 100,000 miles.

Question: is it possible that the nylon toothed cam sprocket got phased out when the roller cam V-8 blocks were started? I believe that was 1988.



Timing chain cover oil seal: this is the easiest timing chain cover oil seal I’ve ever had to remove. The seal installs from the front instead of the back so I was able to just hit the front edge of the seal with a chisel and a small sledge hammer. 2 hits have it loose enough that I can remove the seal.
My question: does this 1992 block have a Magnum timing chain cover so the seal mounts from the front rather than the back?


I also noticed that the oil pan front rubber seal and the pan gasket side rails are all one piece and the side rail gaskets may be steel reinforced.
Is this an innovation from the Magnum V-8 family? If so, will a Magnum V-8 oil pan gasket fit on a LA V8 oil pan and block?

Thanks for any and all information, Ben