Length of brake line

If you're like me, by time you screw up the flares. Forget to put the flare nuts on or kink the line, 10 feet don't go very far. :)
Good luck! (Oh, buy the 30' roll...lol)
If I buy brake line in 10 foot lengths will I avoid any splices?.

www.inlinetube.com has the patterns for most C-Bodies. They will send you tubing that is correct and pre-bent with all the proper flaring and fittings. This saves the aggravation of trying to bend steel tubing that does not want to bend without kinking. The other issue with brake tubing is that it has to be double flared, another PIA, so that the tubing does not pull out of the fittings under a maximum pressure situation, read panic stop. For that reason, I use the in line tubing products and their stuff has always been high quality..