Little baby boy on the way!

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
Well, as I’ve been inactive on the forums, I have been watching from afar. I am genuinely trying to find any time here and there to work on my 68. She’s sitting pretty, just waiting to be driven again. I know it will happen!

I’m also excited to know I’ll have little hands to help build this dream of mine:) I’m so nervous yet excited to be a dad! We finally got to see the little guy via a 3D ultrasound last weekend. I can already imagine cruising around with him in my 68 and showing him that Mopars are the BEST!


My favorite weekend of the year has always been Memorial Day weekend, which is when the West Coast Kustoms Cruisin’ Nationals takes over my hometown. Coincidentally, my son is due to be born that very weekend. So although I won’t be there this year, I’ve got an even better surprise! I can’t wait to bring him to his first ever Cruisin’ Nationals when he’s older.


It’s crazy how technology has advanced. I can see some of my features as well as my wife’s!


My dad and I when I was a baby. Though, to many of you I guess I still am being that 2001 wasn’t terribly long ago lol.

Anyways, I just couldn’t help but share my excitement with you all! Another Mopar man in the making
Congratulations Issaih! You're going to enjoy fatherhood for sure! The only advice I'm going to give is cherish every moment and stage of development. Don't be in a hurry for him to grow up! It will happen too fast on its own!
Congratulations !
Here's what you need for that little guy Isahia! :thumbsup:
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Congrats from the Motor City!
A very good friend showed me their baby's ultrasound pic. Holy Crap!!! The last one I saw looked like some needed to put foil on the rabbit ears and adjust them. Times change, Congrats young man. Soak up all the time you can with your son, put him in a walker and sit him next to you in the shop. Talk to him riding in the car while he's in his car seat, discuss the hobby with him. By the time he's ready to walk he'll want to be in the shop with you! My daughter has her own tool drawer in my rolling cart. She's 12 now, her drawer has been there since she was 4. It's gonna be great!
Best of Luck to you and yours! :)
Don't forget to check the drawer every so often, your tools will wind up in there.
great another mopar kid , train him in the art of wrench'n , got to have a younger wrench to help dad when your old and not able .
May 06 2024 my baby boy came into this world happy and healthy! I can’t wait until those little hands start to help out with the cars as he grows up! A future Mopar man in the making


Named after one of the Estrada family’s favorite singers - Freddie Fender. Especially for my grandpa (son’s great grandpa) who is no longer with us. I can still see him turning up the radio and telling me in Spanish “THIS is music son” to this song