WANTED Looking to buy Dodge Mirada 10 spoke aluminum wheels, domes, lugnutss

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May 14, 2014
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I have 2 wheels, looking to complete a set of them.
Need 4 domes and a set of original, capped lug nuts.
Will consider a set of 4. Please see the pics.
PM with what you have. Thanks.
mirada wheel hi rez 1.jpeg
mirada wheel hi rez 2.jpeg
NOS MoPar  wheel dome.jpg
mopar nut 2.jpg
mopar nut 3.jpg
mirada wheel center cap.jpg
There are actually two versions of this wheel.

The depth of the depression where the center cap goes is shallow on one version and deeper on another.

Your polished wheel looks like the deeper one and the bottom photo looks like it is probably the shallow style.

The first 2 pics are of my wheels. I have a pair of forged ones.
The other pic with the center cap was off the net, just to show the dome/cap assy.
I saw a set of similar wheels up on Craigslist for quite awhile and just filed away the bookmark, I thought it ended up in the expired folder but I think it was this one, (4) "Mopar 15x7 wheels rare Chrysler Starburst - $800 (Lakewood)" now in my deleted folder. I was going to post up a 'Not Mine' but didn't get a round2it.
View attachment 500696 Sounds like the Imperial wheels.
No they weren't those, very similar to what the OP has only not as deep dish or as polished.
There's another old bookmark for "4 Original Chrysler Corporation 15" Wheels - $450 (Seabrook)" but I think they were more along the higher price of $800 which I thought was a little steep and held back waiting for another AD that was lower priced. I saw it 4 or 5 times in my searches and thought of Y'all that maybe someone would like these wheels.
But I think they were more along mid too late 80's model car.

There were also some very similar spoked wheels on Chrysler New Yorkers and maybe Dodge St. Regis 1979-'81 cars, too? Plus the "5 on 5" spoked alloy wheels that were on similar year Cordobas.

I always wanted some for one of my cars, but never really did find any. At this point in time, all things considered, IF you might find some decent ones, pay the asking price (or haggle a bit on condition and such) and get them before somebody else might.

Just some thoughts,
Yea these pictures weren't as close up with a shot of all 4 lined up taken about 10 feet back, seller was sure they were of Mopar manufacture and from remembering the high price he had the opinion that they were very rare. There were a few other picture of IIRC the pentastar and some numbers(?)

If I see the AD again I'll post it up, on a side note, just a quick look now I saw a mis-mached set of (5) 70's poverty hub caps at a reasonable price with this comment in the text "$60 for all. If you want to cherry pick $30 each."... heh cherry pick, some people put up a high price I'll bet to keep the 'Wanted' vintage car parts pickers at bay.

Also saw a set of what the seller thought were 15" 'Rallye Wheels' but are obviously Road Wheels, looked dirty but were chrome around the slots, no center caps or 'Beauty Rings', but I'm not familiar enough with those wheels and I take it some Chevy PU's had similar wheels.

FWIW, Chevy had some 15x7 and 15x8 Rally pickup truck/car wheels similar to the Chrysler 15x6 W23 Class II 16-Slot Road Wheels. ONE major difference is that the center caps on the GM wheels are attached from the outside, rather than the inside as the W23s are. Which generates another set of small screw holes for the exposed-head screws to screw into (sheet metal thread), from the outside. The Chevy 15x7 wheels were on certain Caprices, as the 15x8s were 1/2 ton pickups. All used trim rings, too, of appropriate width. Seems like I first saw them (15x7) on some special edition 1974 "Spirit of America" (trim option) Caprices? About the same time on 1/2 ton Chevy pickups, too? Of course, the bolt circie would be specific to the GM wheels.

I believe I saw a set of 4 on Facebook Marketplace not long ago.Im in Troy so local to you.
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