SOLD Magnum 500 Road Wheels...NO Trim Rings

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We'll revisit this when you can no longer buy a 14" tire.

Hi Matt,

no big deal.
We can buy them anytime.
They are just more expensive and are called collector tires.
I buy my Polyglas (GT) tires all the time at John Kelseys place as well as the 1968 Goodyear Speedways redlines.
You can buy various biasply whitewalls at coker.
They will always be available just as "classic car" tires with an "enthusiast" price

Well... Then the argument can be made that the Road Wheels that we all like were used regularly on Chevy trucks and vans in the seventies.


But seriously, wheels are one of the things that make or break the look of a lot of cars. It's a personal thing and what I like might not be what anyone else likes and when push comes to shove.... I don't really care for the chrome rim Magnum type wheels, my preference is the ones with the trim rings.

I used to tell people I had Keystone wheels on my A12 Roadrunner because I liked them and didn't like the stock black wheels with chrome lug nuts. I got a lot of flack about it... but it was my car.


you are 100% correct about "your car, your decision" and it is easy changeable.
Nothing to discuss about.

It is just one of my personal buttons.
So it drives ME crazy.But that is my problem :)))

C-Body road wheels: Yes, they were used on Chevys, too but it doesn't matter. You could get them in 14"&15" on a C-body so everything is fine. To me it matters what Mopar did sell on their cars.

For some reason this thread didn't come back in my "New Posts" so I'm just coming across it now. When I bought the Monaco it had 14" Magnum 500's. The rims never looked right to me, too small and with the 235/70s it was turning 3300 on the highway. I've had 3 different sets of rims on the car since then. Just about ready for a change again.


please not Fred.

Like Patrick wrote: 15" Magnums are for Fords.
Never offered on Mopars.

It is maybe just me but the 15" Magnums drive me crazy when I see them on a Mopar. They simply do not belong on a Mopar.

If I do not drive original wheels (currently on one of my cars) I like the look of oldschool aftermarket wheels, I would drive an Ansen Sprint wheel, Keystone Classic, Cragar SS or TT II.
But never ever a Ford wheel.


So, 68 Chrysler 300 with disc brakes could never have had Magnums?
Had to use 15" wheels.Can't use 14" Magnums
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