NOT MINE Magnum GT wheels (like 15x7 copcar but no hubcap nibs) ebay $600

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Mar 30, 2013
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Wheels like this have been mentioned a few times recently.
Seller isn't giving them away, but if you gotta have 'em, they don't come up very often.
IMO this is one of the coolest 15" factory wheels out there.

Set Of 4 Steel Wheels 15x7 Heavy Duty Ralley Fits 1982 GRAND FURY 911328 | eBay

Magnum GT /
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Those are actually fairly rare 15"x8" wheels for the Volare/Aspen Super Coupes. The tell-tale sign is the lack of pie plate/dog dish "nubs" and the three holes that mount the center cap, like on a Rallye wheel.

Definitely not '78 NYBS wheels! The NYBS wheel is a 15"x7" Road Wheel that is painted, with no chrome. The turbiine applique fastens to the wheel with screws, as does the center cap. Plus, the NYBS has thin reflective trim rings found only on the '78 NYBS. A different critter altogether.
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No, they are not Super Coupe wheels, these are only 7" wide, so they are Magnum GT wheels.
We can tell they are not the 8" wheel due to red and blue distances appearing equal.
The Super Coupe wheel would have the red line being 1" deeper.


I mentioned they went on NYB Salons due to Marko saying so in this post I linked above.

Not NYBS. Look inside the rim itself and it will say the width. Guaranteed. I've been familiar with Mopar wheels since the late '70s. Not cops, either.
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Well, better tell Marko, I guess.
I asked him why they would've used a Mag Gt wheel on a NYBS, if there was some interference with the hubcap nibs that precluded using a std 15x6 or 15x7 wheel, but he didn't reply.
Well, better tell Marko, I guess.
I asked him why they would've used a Mag Gt wheel on a NYBS, if there was some interference with the hubcap nibs that precluded using a std 15x6 or 15x7 wheel, but he didn't reply.

sorry, i dont recall getting a question from you about them.
i said that 78 Salons had as standard and Magnums had optional the W28 15x7 black painted road wheels with the aluminum fascia baskets.
they were also available on the B body Monacos & Furys.
i was not referring to the W27 6 slot wheels.
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I did the question with a '@marko', probably you didn't see it, then.

I think perhaps I misread what you said, that the fascia basket had a Magnum GT wheel hiding behind it, but now I think you meant that a standard wheel WITH the fascia basket went on a Magnum GT. To my knowledge that wheel went on a Magnum XE, not a GT (I have a set of centercaps like that and they have XE in the center. I thought teh GT always got the wheels shown further below with a solid centercap like the C-bodies. (but I am willing to be wrong).
78 NYB Salons had 15x7 roadwheels ( same as the Magnum GT) - they were painted black and had an "aluminum fascia basket" covering them.....

Based on re-reading Marko, I'll concede that they are not used on NYBS (which I thought was really strange when I read it). Thread title has been updated.
But - I will stand that these are 15x7 Magnum GT wheels.

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Afaik the supercoupe rim is the only one without the hub cap nubs
Magnum GT is a 15x7 version of the 15x8 SuperCoupe - both have similar backspacing, so the SC wheel gets the 1" extra width all to the outside.
That's not the SC PN however
The number on my silver rims looks similar. 3, 8 and 9,6 can look similar, and mine have a lot of paint in the digits.
But with some googling, I learned that teh SC wheel is 3880858. (my wheels could potentially look like that # but they are only 7" wide)



from Super Coupe Wheels on a Magnum GT?
Here's Super Coupe and Magnum GT together.
Seems like the SC 15x8 wheel has more of a normal silver paint on it. The Magnum GT 15x7s I have have a rough metalflake-type textured paint over the black paint on the wheel. Unlike any other wheel paint I've ever seen. That paint CAN be factory-applied thinner on some wheels, too, as I discovered on the 12 such wheels I bought new, years ago. Back when they were on "factory closeout" for $15.00/each . . . with the 15x8s being $18.00/each . . . new in the box "over the front counter" at the dealership. Those were the days!

Neither the 15x7 Magnum GT wheels or the 15x8 Super Coupe wheels will accept normal hub caps. "No nubs".