SOLD Mine- Project 1967 Plymouth VIP 4-door Hardtop. $4,500

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Mar 8, 2019
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Berlin, CT
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I am posting this here for my stepfather. The time has come for him to let his 1967 VIP 4-door hardtop project car go to a new home. He has owned this car for 25+ years since about when he was in college in 1985 so he tells me. The car was sold new in Connecticut then spent a good amount of its life in Florida then migrated back to Connecticut when my stepdad got it all those years ago.

The car has a strong running big block "G" code 383-2bbl commando backed by a strong rebuilt AAMCO transmission, the car was built October 28th 1966 (A28 on tag) at the Newark DE plant. The original color would of been CC-1 Medium Blue Poly with a black top. Factory chrome valve covers, a dual snorkel air cleaner, a white vinyl top, a custom 2.5 inch exhaust with "H" pipe and Magna-Flow mufflers all were added. Car runs and drives well except for the carburetor, it surges at moderate to high speeds.

The body shell is quite solid except for the firewall issue which I will mention later, the car also has bondo in the typical spots in the lower quarter panels near the wheel openings and lower "dog leg". The wheel openings are good. There was a rusty hood, trunk lid, cowl cover, and rear doors but they have been replaced already. A solid VIP left front door, and Fury III right door are included with the car. Floors and frame are solid. Prior to my stepfathers ownership somebody undercoated the inside of the trunk floor but he scraped enough off so you can see it is solid.

The cars heater core now leaks but this has been bypassed, my stepfather said he did not want to buy a non A/C one if he was going to convert it to A/C just to later take it out. There is an air conditioning compressor and are pulleys on the engine as the plan was to add factory air to the car. A complete A/C dash, heater/AC box, condenser, and A/C firewall are included with the car also. There is a rust hole in the lower left side firewall if you are standing in the very front of the car looking under the hood straight on, that can easily be repaired when installing the AC with a AC firewall section that will come with the car.

The car has a quartz converted clock that keeps time well, and has a factory AM/FM radio but not sure if it works as there is no antenna. There was a hokey aftermarket antenna that was removed. Included are a few parts that can be negotiated as well as a bunch of NOS parts that are worth half the asking price of he car. I will list them below.......

Negotiated Parts-

1) Power window regulators (the plan was to also add power windows to the car)
2) Power window wiring
3) Power window switches

NOS Parts-

1) Fender badges
2) Front door moldings
3) Both quarter panel moldings
4) Cloth to reupholster seats (which is by far the most important)

Asking Price $4,500, located in Berlin CT.

If you are interested in this car please pm me and I will give you my stepfathers information!!

Thank you for looking and for everyone's interest

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I know this car and the seller (the stepfather) whom I have known since high school (late 1970's). The car was recently driven on a two hour trip with no issues. The car has nice tail lamps, which alone are worth $1,000+. A lot of work has been put into this car and it has been well cared for.
Update- SOLD SOLD SOLD, it is going to its new home in Massachusetts. Thank you for everyone's interest!
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