Moog (My Bad: posted in the wrong forum)


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Feb 24, 2021
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Good Evening All
Now that the snow has arrived (it was in the mid70's two days ago), The Party Barge is in dry dock getting some much need attention.
Steering and brakes are the first things on the agenda. Brakes are receiving all new hardware and the steering/suspensions wear parts are being looked at for wear. I plan of having Steer & Gear go through the gear box to renew it and to hopefully remove some of the play. They offer 4 choices of re manufacturing from Stock to Rally.
Anyway, my question centers around the pitman arm. So far I have been able to score NOS Moog (USA made) parts such as bushings, ball joints and tie rod ends. The pitman arm appears to be tight so I am on the fence about replacing it. On the other hand now is the perfect time as the gear box is out.
My question is: What is the Moog Part Number for a '65 Newport w/Power steering?
I do not want to bother Craig (Mobileparts) as he has his hands full with convalescing.
Thanks to All who respond.