More U joints


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Sep 25, 2022
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Showin my rear yet again. I had pulled the driveshaft some time ago for a bad front joint. Replaced both, the front with a sealed spicer, the rear with a greaseable Moog. Spicer so fat would not enter the yoke flanges....had to trim a bit. But, my big mistake was in handling the caps on the spicer, and to my surprise there were small thin nylon washers inside.....and I lost one on the outside bench....old lenses would not focus. But, they are thin and so I hoped all ok. And, the front slip yoke had some wear, and hoped the new seal would work. Neither did. Still had a small vibe in the wheel, and the seal leaked. So, I found a yoke from Action Machine, and pulled the shaft again. This time, put another Moog in the front instead of the big spicer. And, installed the new nice shiny yoke. I had a couple issues with install that I will not elab on for now to do with new design thingies. So far, no leaks and the vibration appears to be all but gone....very happy. But, for the sealed joints, be aware when pulling caps that there is a goodie waiting for you inside that you do not want to lose.