SOLD Mount Bracket, For The FEDERAL Power Steering Pump, Big Block Engines.

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Nov 14, 2015
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Rancho Cordova, CA.
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I have this power steering pump, mounting bracket for the FEDERAL pump, that is used on the Mopar big block engines.

Officially i think it was used from the 1969 to 1972 years, but use it on any Federal pump that you want to, and any year engine that your using.

I cleaned it up, soaked it out in a pail of Evaporust, painted it up, ready for installation, and use.

If your not sure what a Federal ps pump looks like, look at the last picture in this ad, for picture reference.

Selling at $65.00, plus $15.00 for the mailman, in a flat rate box.
Price is lots cheaper than what the repop ones are going for.

Payment will be thru Pay Pal.

Interested? Send me a pm.
Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

PS Pulley, Bracket, Balancer 004 (Small).JPG

PS Pulley, Bracket, Balancer 005 (Small).JPG

PS Pulley, Bracket, Balancer 006 (Small).JPG

PS Pulley, Bracket, Balancer 007 (Small).JPG

PS Pulley, Bracket, Balancer 008 (Small).JPG

PS Pulley, Bracket, Balancer 009 (Small).JPG

PS Pump Compare.jpg
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