My 65 Fury convertible rear quarter window frame repair


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Feb 29, 2024
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Chandler, AZ
I hope my experience with making this repair can be helpful to others.

My rear quarter window was loose from the bottom frame on one side and almost out on the other. I used the method describe in this video to rebed the glass into the bottom frames. . You’ll see in the video that kerosene is used as a lubricant/softener to make the bedding material more workable. My addition tip, not shown in the video is to heat the bedding material before trying to install. A little time in the hot Arizona sun did the trick for me and made the installation much easier.

That made the glass more secure in the bottom frame, but it was still excessive loose in the inboard outboard direction so the window could not be adjusted to roll up well. After staring at it a while I noticed that the front rail that holds the forward trim and seal should have been attached to the bottom frame but was broken loose. Not surprising because it was pretty thin cast metal. You can see the break line in first two of the attached photos.

My fix was to fabricate a U shaped patch out of some 24 gauge (20 thousands) aluminum sheet scrape that I had available. In the third picture you can see the pieces of metal I clamped into a vise to do the forming. The metal was selected to be the same width as the frame that needed patching and made a good hard sharp edge surface to do the forming. The forth picture is the almost completed patch. The only thing left to do was drill a hole for the lowest screw that holds the trim pieces in place. In the last picture you can see the final fit up before JB welding the patch in place. The screw thread sticking out was to keep the screw hole open and was greased lightly so the epoxy wouldn’t stick to it.

I actually did the other side first and did it with the window out of the car. That was a bad idea because I got to much curve in the assembly (it was curved too inboard to get proper adjustment.) I held my breath and gave it a health nudge out and fortunately it bent out enough w/o breaking. On this second attempt I patched it in the car, window rolled up in the proper position so I hope no ‘tuning’ will be required.
The only minor hassle with this is that the trip pieces are a tight fit to that vertical riser and so thy need to be tweaked a bit at the bottom to fit around the patch.

I’ll probably find out after posting this that there is an easier way, but hopefully this repair will stand up.