My '67 Newport and '68 Monaco 500


Nov 9, 2010
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Just sharing a couple pictures, my '67 Newport Custom parked next to a '68 Monaco 500 I just sold.

Both interesting cars, the Monaco was a 383 2 bbl, 2.76 rear gears, originally had front power disc brakes (now drum). Power windows, buckets with buddy seat, column shift, passenger side reclining seat, ordered burgundy paint with white painted roof. 90,000 original miles.

The Newport was ordered new with 383 4 bbl, single exhaust, 3.23 SureGrip rear, 11" drums. Power bench seat, power antenna, power trunk, front & rear speaker with reverberator. Ordered white with turquoise interior. 60,000 original miles.

newport and monaco.jpg

newport and monaco2.jpg
Interesting that '67 Newport with the 383 4bbl eng came from the factory with a single exhaust, but similar Dodges and Plymouths had dual exhaust. All rated at 325 horsepower.

A 1966 300 4 door hardtop that I used to own was a 383-4 with a single exhaust and that was the base drive line for that car. HP exhaust manifolds were not used on C Body 383’s until 1968 but as far as I know, 1967 Fury’s with a 383-4 had dual exhaust.