My latest video & it’s a C body

C Body Bob

Old Man with a Hat
Apr 8, 2012
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Youngsville, NC
Ok I videoed this car a few weeks ago. Finally got it edited & loaded on the channel. In this video I played around with some editing software that makes the video look aged. It’s early in the video & I only did a few seconds. Just want to see how folks like that. I can do more stuff like that but it really makes the file heavy & long uploads with the 2G I’m using. Anyway back on the car it’s a 67 Fury vert in a local junk yard & I have pulled a few parts from it. I may go back in get some more. We have had so much rain here it’s not fun being out in those places when it’s wet , cold & muddy & it’s a pretty good walk back in there to it. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. I have another big MOPAR I videoed Saturday that will knock your socks off. Just a tease. I’m not sure when I can get it on the channel as I have over 50 videos already made & waiting.
67 Plymouth Fury convertable in a junk yard