New FirmFeel Torsion Bars


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Sep 26, 2012
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Frankfurt, Germany
I have problems installing the new torsion bars I bought from FirmFeel. My guess is that’s because they are not clocked like the original ones, but maybe someone here know more about it and can help me with my problem.

Due to the different clocking of the new bars, the LCA hook is pointing more downwards than stock which leads to a lot more pressure on the rear rubber mounts. That results in the left torsion bar (and boot) and also the rubber of the mount to bottom out on the frame.

Rubber mounts is bottoming out on its steel bracket, only on the left side.
2022-07-25 15.14.18.jpg

The right side is as it should. The top and bottom gaps of the rubber to its bracket are even.
2022-07-25 15.14.44.jpg

The left side is not. The top gap is way bigger because the rubber is touching the bottom of its bracket.
2022-07-25 15.14.49.jpg

Rear view, you can clearly see the difference left to right.
2022-07-25 15.15.02.jpg

Left side
2022-07-25 15.14.29.jpg

Right side
2022-07-25 15.14.38.jpg

Here is the LCA hook adjusted closer to original position, but that creates too much pressure.
2022-08-03 17.35.28.jpg

That’s the alternative position for less pressure, but there would be no preload at all on the torsion bar.
2022-08-03 17.35.07.jpg

That’s the original position of the hook with the clocking of the original torsion bars.
2022-08-03 17.43.53.jpg
I did that as well but haven't got an answer yet and I thought I'd ask here as well.
The position of the lobe in either position will ONLY impact the amount you need to move the screw in to set ride height. It will have NO impact on loading.

I put at set of PST torsion bars on a 68 Dart. The torsion bars were 30° offset from stock. there was no way to get them to install with correct suspension and tension. I returned them and bought firm feel. PST was made for a low front end drag car. Level suspension was impossible.
Frank from FirmFeel responded to my e-mail today and told me to install the lobe/hook in the 6 & 9 o'clock positions. I did that and it looks like it works that way.

There is no load at all on the LCA now, but it will be as soon as I'm adding weight to the front end I guess.