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Nov 12, 2014
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San Luis Obispo, CA
Howdy all,

I am the new owner of a '73 NY'er Brougham Coupe in original condition. Just came across this forum and looking forward to talking with you all.

I am very pleased to see there's a community committed to the preservation and enjoyment of full size MOPARS. Especially given their rarity and relatively small percentage of received enthusiasm amidst the more popular cars out there in the old car world.

I've always been a guy who likes big cars, and snatched up this "banana boat" when the opportunity arose.


Burlingame, CA



Welcome aboard. Outstanding ride. I also have a yellow "banana boat" 68 Monaco 500 but with a black vinyl roof and yellow bucket interior. Would be interested in the back story of how you came by the car. Do you have a 440 under the hood?
Welcome from germany

the colour looks real nice on your 73


I had almost similar looking low mile '73 obo 6 years ago... One of my best rides so far! All options IIRC and white interior too.


I had almost similar looking low mile '73 obo 6 years ago... One of my best rides so far! All options IIRC and white interior too.

moparman, time to buy an another one.

your old one seems to be falling in pieces

5:50, if you dare

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Welcome to the board........ Very nice car.

I agree, what's the story on how you came upon the car and its history if you know it
Welcome to the site from the Motor City! I agree with the rest of the gang, very nice!
Welcome ! And Mighty Fine looking car you got there. That yellow / ivory (or whatever) color is a favorite of mine.
Thanks for the great comments!

I was drawn to the car when I first saw it a couple years ago, down in the Palm Springs area when visiting my uncle. It was parked down the street from his house at his neighbor's. I had never seen another fuselage-era NY'er before this one. I would see it every now and then, when visiting, and then last June I went to Pomona with my then fiancé, and spotted it. I recognized the car immediately and told the owner I knew where he lived, lol. He didn't sell it that day so he said he decided to keep it for now. I told my uncle about it and requested he keep a eye on it for me. He kept in touch with the owner and told him if he was going to sell to let him know. A few weeks later, he got a note on his door from the owner stating that a sale was being offered again. I Called the owner and we sealed the deal over the phone.

My uncle picked up the car the next week and kept it at his house for a couple months until I was able to fly down there to get it. He helped me get it fixed up enough so I could make the 500 mile drive home. I had to dump a bunch of dough into it just to get it road worthy - new tires, A/C compressor, clutch, belts, conversion to 134a, battery, and fan clutch. (The A/C still doesn't work though). Also tried to get it aligned but the shop said it needs to have a front end rebuild before they'd do it.

It still needs a bunch of work, but I'm driving it daily and loving it. It's pretty much all original, and never been molested in any way. It was originally purchased at Markley Motors in Ft Collins Colorado, and has 80,000 miles on it.

The previous owner said the car was a candidate for demolition derby in Colorado, so he saved it! (I guess MOPARS are sought after because they "hold up better" in that scene).
He also installed the aluminum Mopar rallye wheels (it originally had the full wheel covers). I LOVE these wheels.

Oh, and a 440!

The biggest improvement so far was installing new KYB gas-a-just shocks -
made a HUGE difference. Before it was very sloppy!

On the "to-do" list:
A/C clutch power troubleshoot
Front end (needs all new bushings and ball joints)Rebuild the steering box
Dual exhaust install
K-frame rust removal and painting
Carb rebuild
Radiator recore, new hoses
Ignition tune-up
Paint touch-up
Engine bay detail
Headliner replacement
Trans flush and service, and eventually swap out with an OD Torqueflite (if they made them?)