SOLD Nice pair of '65 Imperial front outside door handles

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Nov 16, 2010
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These are good enough for a nice driver the way they are. A few minor pits and/or scratches here or there, but, nothing bad at all. They're complete with the lock cylinder (no key though), springs, good working key doors, mounting nuts, etc. They would probably fit the '64 and '66 Imperial too, but, do your own research to verify it will fit your application. I believe the '66 Imperial didn't have the key doors, as I have one a RH from a '66 and it doesn't. Looks like it would swap though. Might make a nice upgrade for that year. $75 for the pair picked up here in San Diego, or, add the ride and PayPal fees for me to ship them to a U.S. only address. I should be able to key them too for an additional cost if desired. Just let me know and I'll get you a price. They should fit in a medium USPS flat rate Priority Mail box.

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