For Sale not mine 1969 Plymouth sport fury convertible

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Dec 10, 2012
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1969 Plymouth sport fury
Listed 4 days ago in Hedgesville, WV
About This Vehicle

Driven 25,700 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Blue · Interior color: White
Fuel type: Gasoline

Seller's description
1969 plymouth sport fury. 383 2barrel big block 727 trans posi rear runs and drives around power steering and power brakes 3,000




Interesting car and only 25K miles? The firewall looks pretty nice but I wonder how much rust is underneath? Might be significant given the price. It looks pretty original too except for the replacement radiator and flex hose. Great colors again...............and buckets/console.
Hi Fellas,
Forgive me for Snickering up my Sleeve.
It has become Common Practice for people Selling Dodge Phoenix's here in the Land of OZ to describe them as having ONLY done "46,000 Miles". When you go to Look at the Car the Carpet under the Pedals is through to the Floor metal, Half of the Brake Pedal Rubber is None Existent & the Seat Material is in Shreds Etc. BUT the Speedo reads "46,000 Miles" so it must be True. Oh Dear, On so many occasions it is Very Plain that the Mileage would be closer to "346,000" But they still Persist. Mind you I have seen Cars with "246,000" on the Clock & you couldn't tell except for the Owner's honesty.
I actually once had a Fella tell me that the Bubbles under a Vinyl Roof was too much Glue! (Crunchy Glue?)
I was recently put on to a Character who supposedly had a Car to sell, "The Same as Mine". When I spoke to him over the Phone he didn't know anything about the Car, Couldn't Describe the Front or Back of the Car. The only Thing he did know was, And he Stated this Himself, He wanted as much Money as he could possibly get for the Car. Now I'm not Ned Kelly, I'll pay a FAIR Price for anything, BUT outright Greed plain and simply annoys me. Sadly there have always been these Characters who are into "OLD CARS" for ONLY One Reason. And it happens within Car Clubs also, I can remember one of our young members who was pestered into selling his Perfect Spare Dash Top to another member who promised to replace it whenever another came along. A Month or so later we found out that Fella had sold his car and was no longer a member of the Club. I had one Fella turn up to my Door & Beg me to sell him some parts to finish his car only to find out later he was a Car Dealer who painted a 70 Phoenix "Nipple Pink" and advertised it at twice the going rate. LOL
After 40 Years in our Club I have learned a Number of Lessons, One of which is to choose your Friends carefully.
I have made Wonderful Friends over the Years from the Club BUT I have also had club members I have taken with me to look at a Car, only for them to go back the next day & offer a Higher Price, Fortunately for me the Seller was an Honorable man & sold me the Car. As I say choose your Friends carefully & Stick By Them.
Once Again, End of a Long & Boring Rant.
Tall Tales & True.
I once bought a 1960 Dodge Phoenix, Perfectly Straight, 100% Complete, Both back lower quarters rusted out from where the old Gentleman had backed his boat into the water for thirty years. $60 and it cost me $100 to get it towed home.
A fella came knocking on my Door one day & wanted to buy it, he was driving the same model.
So I said $200, I only bought it to save it from the Crusher.
He said, it's not worth that sort of money & wanted to give me $50, I said no thanks.
He returned every few weeks for some months until finally one day he knocked on my door & said alright I'll give you $200.
I glanced past him to see his car parked out on the street with all of it's Front Panels & Grille stoved in. He had obviously "KISSED" the back of a Truck.
I said Sorry Mate but the Price has gone up to $300.
I have never before or since seen a Grown Man come as close to throwing himself done on the Ground like a 3 yo Spoiled Brat as that man did.
When he finally got over his Paddy Attack I said it's O.K. you can have it for $200 I just wanted to point out that it ALWAYS was worth the $200.
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