NOT MINE Not mine , FB, 1965 sport fury 426,4spd

Listed a week ago in Rowlett, TX

About This Vehicle​

Driven 92,935 miles

Manual transmission

Exterior color: Red · Interior color:

Fuel type: Gasoline

65 sport fury with a 426 max wedge engine 4 speed. Car is all original have extra parts in trunk. Runs and moves but needs looked over. Asking $20000 obo







A decal on the valve cover doesn't make it a "Max Wedge".

It is a 426 wedge car (365 HP? ) and that's nothing to sneeze at... but a couple things.. They never made a '65 Max Wedge for one thing, and the max wedge engines never got put in any thing but a B body.

Then there's the intake and exhaust manifolds and on and on... Nothing that says "max wedge" transplant either.
To many things wrong there. The chrome and decals are bright while the rest is almost 60 years old. Closd the hood to hard and punch a hole with the air cleaner shaft. I'm not even close to being a novice but hesitant about this.
It would cost 3X the purchase price just to bring it back to aa level where it is presentable at a Dairy Queen car show. While the fact that it is a factory 426 4 speed excites the hell out of me, there's no way I could afford it once it got into my garage. Every single piece on the car looks like it's a #4.
i think its a better deal than the black 65 fury 383 4spd car in calif
The black one has new front seat covers and IIRC it is road-ready. This one's the opposite.
While the other one is only a 383, they are the same price, and I don't think the rarity of the 426 justifies all the extra deterioration this one has for that same price.
But I think the black one is overpriced too.
always just IMO but I agree Chris. The 426 wedge cars are 'neat', but frankly I'd rather a 500hp 440 is sitting in the engine bay vs the 383 or 426w. And before all that, the best body I could find cuz I can do the 440.
well that 426 and a 4spd is very rare combo in a c body . and there were far more 383 4spd cars build . and if you wish to have some fun and hold value . stick a 500 plus horse stroker in the 426 car . and put that rare 426 wedge in the corner of the storage shed . so when you sell it's gopt the oem rare engine . well that's my way of thinking .
I guess on paper, yeah, I'd rather have the 426 car to brag about.
But I'd rather drive than brag.

I'd rather have a 383 4-speed car that is ready to run, vs a 426 4-speed car that needs a lot of work. (or even an AT car that was really nice)
While this red car isn't a basketcase, I sense it's a car that you could easily drop $3000 in and it would still look mostly the same.
Would need to drop more money in to make it comparable in condition to the black car.

The 6" tall air cleaner stud that @DCMC mentioned and the black tape holding the trim on are enough to make me question the rest of this car.

For future reference, here's the black car.
NOT MINE - 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury, triple black 383 4-speed, $22,000 Sacramento CA