Oil filter Vs Sway bar


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Jan 8, 2014
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Kansas City, KS
Anyone ever have this happen?

Drove the '68 Newport today to get gas and saw a very steady stream of oil pouring out.

Turns out I was missing the underside washer on the bushing for the driver side bracket. It allowed the sway bar to raise up enough to puncture the oil filter.

I've owned a dozen of these 67-68 New Yorkers/Newports over the last 25 years and never had this happen before. Most had broken sway bar brackets and none ever hit the filter like that.
Wow, just when you think you've seen most of the incidental carnage you can think of someone else finds another strange one. Thanks for posting that.
How are your engine mounts?
Happened to me. There is a ford part that changes the position of the oil filter. Easy install and in-expensive. Just in case it happens again.
Ha, not in this one. It's a boulevard cruiser. I do live in an industrial area with an above average amount of railroad tracks and manhole covers so it does get it's share of bumps.
Wow those sway bar supports are absolutely toast! I can see how that would happen. First time I've seen it though....glad you got it before it seized things up.
Good you found that before any engine damage. Wonder where the missing washer went. Seems like it would have just punched thru the hole and left it rattling there.
Wow. I have owned several C-bodies over the years and never saw that happen. I also live in the pothole capital of the US in early spring when the freeze - thaw makes our roads look like a mine field.
Replace the washer, and get some polyurethane bushings. I likely will use poly when I replace my swaybar bushings again. Same for the strut rods. american city streets are NOT what they were when these wonderful cars were built!
The washer IS there - it appears it fell through the lip of the link. Your sway bar bushings are also toast so it'll be best to go with the link kit from PST. It's $90 but comes with the sway bar & link bushings as well as new washers. I would use tge old washers because they're much heavier than the ones in the kit.