WANTED parcel shelf 4 Door Hardtop 65 wanted

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Thomas Sabath

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Apr 21, 2021
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hello guys, is there still a replica of the skin tray for the '65 Chrysler 4-door hardtop.... if it's no longer available, have to replicate it with fiberglass.... I'd be happy to receive an offer.
I believe the 4 door HT version is different from the 2 door version, but they're very similar. If you were able to get a 2 door one in decent shape, you may be able to modify it to work.
Also, the 65 version was pressboard, and the 66 and up versions were fiberglass.

With you being in Germany, it's going to be a challenge to find the right part, but keep asking, as they're out there.
Yes, the parcel shelf is special and made of cardboard. due to the strong heat unfortunately also very quickly broken. I also believe that the '65 sedan is different, as is that of the '66 coupé. probably only fits the original one from the 4 door hardtop. I'm going to rebuild them from fiberglass. it's a great car the chrysler 300 4 door hardtop...i like it a lot and i'm annoyed that i don't live with you in the states....but nice to get your help. Greetings Thomas
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