For Sale Parting out (2) 1968 New Yorkers

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Sep 9, 2011
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(2) 1968 new yorkers are getting parted out. No Motor or trans or radiator in either of them, but everything else is there.

These cars are in really good shape considering their age. most all of the trim and accessories are all there and in tact. One is a brown with brown interior and the other one is green with green interior. Grills and trim are all in good shape

the red one- brakes are all new and work good.

Both cars have the complete AC system in tact.

brown car has power windows and the green one is manual windows.

Let me know what you're looking for and I can get more pics and details for you.



Hello, I would be interested in the cruise control setup if available and a sentinel light setup. Thank you.
Hello, I would be interested in the cruise control setup if available and a sentinel light setup. Thank you.

I've been gone all week and will look for the parts this weekend
Cars are in Kenosha WI 53158. I'll sell both the cars outright if you want them.
You interested in the green or red dash fascia?

There's a lot of extra trim in the car- I might have some extra pieces in the red car.
Hi, on the facia question ideas thinking of the wood grain gauge, Center and glovebox. May have used the wrong description. Thanks.
Do you have the original drivetrain's for these cars?
Can you post up pictures of the dash area in both cars please?Also, are either of the radiators and shrouds still intact?Thanks
Either have manual brakes? I could use some parts for a manual brake car, but I realize a New Yorker is unlikely to have those. Can't hurt to ask. I tried to contact F Preston, but no response - anyone know him (he said he had 3 manual disc brake cars that I believe were available for parts)?
I am looking for the under dash light unit for my 68 Town and Country. I bought one of ebay but the dealer misrepresented it and its too small (think its off a b body Plymouth)
I don't think the poster even sold a sheet metal screw on this board. He posted, and then vanished leaving many others with requests on deaf ears...
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