Parts for a '65 Sport Fury 2 dr. HT

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    Jan 24, 2016
    Tucson AZ
    Not sure just how to start this out but here goes;

    • Need outside mirrors for the doors.
    • Motor mounts for a 318 Poly motor - the ones with rubber bonded into a sort of sandwich between two plates. Both sides have two bolts each with one sides bolts somewhat "offset" by about .500.
    • Black padded dash
    • Windshield washer reservoir (pump and hoses too)
    • Lift Brackets for both door glass (supports the glass using a bolt through lower edge)
    • Trunk pan as well as the checkered cover for both floor and over the spare
    • Right hand front fender trim - goes up the very outside of the fender and joins up with the lower hood trim pieces
    Guess that's enough for now. Please reply
    Thanks a lot