Photos of Vintage Auto Dealerships, Repair Shops, and Gas Stations

here's my dad's first location and a couple of his tow truck builds . sorry for the images are pics of pics .

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my current location and dad's last one , my 64 d100 with my 69 d200 crew , my 70 d300 roll back with my 61 d200 aboard . getting ready to flatbed my 61 d200

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I see you also got your dad's photography style!
I thought this was interesting. The dump truck crashed into the bar, knocking the brick façade off the front and exposing the signage underneath.

The signs were removed and are now in a collector's hands.





Unknown year or location. Probably late 60's. Note Ford 427 SOHC engine.

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Kaiser-Fraser and Studebaker-Packard joint venture assembly line in Haifa, Israel.

Strange to see Studebakers sedans and trucks in the same factory as the Jeeps.