Pic of how my power steering goes back on 68 Fury LA


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Oct 12, 2022
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Hello friends; "The mind is the second thing to go"; I took the power steering and alternator off a couple months ago, said "Heck ya I'll remember how this goes".......Heck no I don't remember how this goes. I've been told there were a few different pumps used(?) Mine is a solid pulley, one bracket attached to the pump the other a titiwompus looking triangle
(It is a word you know, at least in eastern Wisconsin). Can you help me out? A description can help in leu of a pic...maybe. Thank you
Mancini has a pic of a couple of them on their site. I think there were TRW, Federal, and Saginaw pumps depending on the model year.

TRW/Thompson Power Steering Pump Bracket

It sounds like you have this one but of course there isn't a picture of it installed!

Saginaw Power Steering Pump Bracket

If you have the second style, the first one has a pic that should at least give you the idea of the holes used on the water pump though.