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    May 21, 2013
    Marcellus, NY
    Here's what happened. I put all new brakes, hoses, wheel cylinders etc. on my '65 Barracuda. I also converted to a dual master cylinder and had the booster rebuilt by Booster Dewey.

    It's a long story, but I was having a hard time getting a hard pedal after bleeding. I had used my Miti-Vac vacuum pump and then had Mrs. Big John doing the traditional job of working the pedal for a pressure bleed. It still wasn't going right.

    One thing lead to another and I bought two things...

    These are master cylinder plugs. Unscrew the lines into the master cylinder one at a time and they can easily tell you if the problem is front or rear.



    I also bought one of these... A Motive Power brake bleeder.



    I've always wanted something like this and now I don't know why I waited.

    The flat plate clamps over both sides of the master cylinder. (other adapters for new cars available) with some J-hooks and chains. I couldn't get it to not leak, so I added a C clamp and it worked perfectly.


    Basically, this is a garden sprayer... Fill it with brake fluid and pump it up to 15-20psi and start bleeding. This worked fantastic for me... After bleeding everything again, I narrowed my problem down to the front brakes using the plugs and then figured out it was a bleeder in the Chineasium wheel cylinder. A little extra torque with a socket has it working for now. I'll find some USA built cylinders at Carlisle or eBay and rebuild them.

    The only downside is you are supposed to use 2 quarts of brake fluid... I had most of a quart and didn't feel like driving to the store. It worked, but it did push a lot of brake fluid through, so next time I'll fill it up.

    So... Great piece, well built, good price. Should have bought one of these years ago!

    I found a short video of it in use.

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  2. Davea Lux

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    Mar 27, 2017
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    I have the same types of issues with the ChiCom crap. You probably have a bleeder screw that has a burr on it. I twisted one off trying to get it to seat.

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    Nov 1, 2015
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    My one issue with bug sprayer pressure bleeders is that nothing separates the air from the fluid like in an old diaphragm "beer keg" power bleeder. Not a big deal if you are using DOT 5 or tossing the leftover fluid, but you will saturate other fluids within an hour. Too handy an item not to love it, just don't get stingy with the fluid.

    Add in a lift, and a brake flush takes 5 minutes... :thumbsup:

    Use of plugs to isolate portions of a brake system is great, true proof for a failed master cylinder. Some ABS HCU's came with metal plugs, I swiped them when I could get away with it... they worked great for isolating a bypassing HCU from a bypassing MC.

    Usually you can get something from a hardware or parts store selection if you're in a hurry. Brass is fine for testing purposes, but you got a nice price from amazon. :thankyou:
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    Jan 22, 2018
    The idea is solid, but the chains and J hooks are just chintzy. I have the same bleeder and made the same mod with a C clamp and it does work well.

    Also, I too had problems with the replacement bleeders and went to back to the originals after cleaning them up a bit. A little Teflon thread sealing compound helps as well.
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