Power Steer Pump Leak


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Sep 25, 2022
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I have got to say that I am very happy with a Lares new steer gearbox and a pump rebuild. But, my pump has had a small leak. So, I thought it was a gasket and talked to the company who said to return for repair, after locating the leak. That was a great comment. I had noted lots of oil around the pump and has assumed the problem. But, after their comment, I dried things up and began to look closely. After many trials, I think that I have a small crack in the housing, near the weld for the return spigot. My crack detect kit has bit the dust, so I will go on my testing. I am going to use tank sealer to coat the area, after clean and sand with crocus. Then repaint. My point here is that I should have been more careful to look closely before making assumptions.
Now that you've nailed down where the leak is, you're not going to send it back to them? Under their warranty? Any attempts to repair otherwise would void their warranty, I suspect. You are using genuine Chrysler-spec or GM-spec power steering fluid in the system rather than "red atf"?

Yes, name brand fluid for the PS. What I have found on this casing appears to be a divit, kind of like you struck it with a ball peen hammer....small dent. I purchased this pump used, and it did have a serious dent in the pulley that Lares repaired. I am thinking this dent could have happened when the pulley was damaged, supposition. I would not hold anyone responsible for this type of thing. My old dye penetrant kit is gone, so I am guessing on source of the leak, after many sessions of cleaning and examining. So, for now I will seal it up with the great tank sealer. If you have used this product, you will find it pretty incredible, and there is not pressure in the case, so I should be good to go, imo.