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Nov 13, 2021
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Tiverton, Rhode Island
So this happened. We are cleaning out my mothers apartment and one of my wife's friends is looking for a single bed for someone's kid. We decided to use our 67 Fury wagon. Box spring, mattress, frames and other stuff packed right in the back. Great. My wife calls the friend and we are on the way to deliver everything. We use the GPS on my wife's phone for directions and sit it on the dashboard switches. It sits there nice. Well most of the weight is on the power tailgate window switch. Not good. We didn't notice the window had gone down and the phone still had the switch engaged for the whole drive. I can smell something burning and smoke starts to trickle out of the dash. Not good. We remove the phone and pull into her friends driveway. Thankfully I'm able to wiggle the switch to get it working. It really could have been a disaster.

I did a search and found Mr. Devin has a good standing in the forum so I contacted him. He got right back to me and I'll be sending the switch out to be refurbished. I hooked up a temporary switch for now so I can still use the tailgate.

Remember, DON"T leave your cellphone on the dashboard switches!
Something you didn't have to worry about when these cars were new. Glad to hear it wasn't any worse than it was.